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Anti-Spill Dog Water Bowl

Anti-Spill Dog Water Bowl

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We've all been there... our dog goes to take a drink of water out of their water bowl, but what follows is a stream of water droppings that follow your dog's path for the next couple minutes. Now your entire floor is covered in water, the floor you just cleaned. Lucky for you, our Anti-Spill Dog Water Bowl will keep your floors and house clean and dry! No more water spilling or dripping anywhere!

2-piece disk design helps to keep your dog's water bowl clean and free of dust, dirt, and pet hair, while slowing down the drinking speed of your pet. The floating disk dual design and waterproof edge strip prevents overflowing water and wet mouth. Your pet uses their tongue to touch the floating disk, causing the disk to sink and dispense water.


- Material: PP Plastic

- Non-slip bottom to hold the bowl in place

- Body Color: White

- Water capacity: 1.5L

- Size: 22.5x18.5x7.8cm

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